Mysterious Ancient Artifact – DIY. Alternate history fans, please look away

Mysterious Ancient Artifact - DIY. Alternate history fans, please look away

One would possibly surprise – how precisely stone vases have been made in an period when even copper instruments have been thought of a luxurious? Olga Vdovina determined to try to carry out a novel experiment – to provide a useful stone vessel whereas using “primitive applied sciences” method (with no steel instruments in any respect). All of the work was finished whereas utilizing stone, conceal, wooden and bone supplies solely.

Consideration! Different history specialists and followers of “Ancient Alien” and “Ancient Machining” applied sciences – we recommend you retain away and take it straightforward.

Ancient Egyptian hen formed vessel (produced circa 5100 years in the past) was used as a prototype for this experiment. So far as we’re conscious, nobody tried to conduct it beforehand.

Authentic specimen: Limestone breccia vessel. Ancient Egypt, Nakada. Circa 3100 BC. British Museum (Reference: BM35306).

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Materials used: Marble breccia. Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 20 cm. Sourced @ Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Length: seven and a half months.
Work schedule: 5 days per week, 6-eight hours a day (together with breaks). A very good half of this time was spent on manufacturing/sharpening of instruments, soaking/drying of cow conceal in addition to different prepwork.

Supplies used:
– River sand: 10 l
– Gravel (5-7 mm): 10 handfuls
– Cow thigh and tibia bones = (used to provide) 2 saws + drill + 20 needles
– Sandstone: 7 items (dimension variation within the area from 15x9x7 cm to 5x3x0.5 cm).
– Quartzite + flint: 70 stones (varied)
– Cow conceal: 1 piece
– Wooden: 2 maple timber

Produced by:
– All area work: sculptor Olga Vdovina.
– Digital camera work: Andrey Loichenko
– Script: Vitaly Krauss
– Enhancing: Valeriy Senmuth
– Soundtrack: Valeriy Senmuth
– Marketing consultant: Oleg Kruglyakov, Ivan Semyan
– Group and financing: ANTROGOGENES.RU, 2019
– Translation and dubbing: Eduard Trofimov, 2020

The vase was initially demonstrated at our “Scientists In opposition to Myths – 11” discussion board @ 19.10.19

Different experiments:
– Triangular internal nook in granite
– Ancient Egyptian know-how of granite drilling


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